Matthew Benjamin Canada
talk: 646.397.1090
Matthew Benjamin Canada is a Director of Photography based out of New York City.
I have lived in five U.S. States, studied jazz theory at a music conservatory, and have a degree in marketing. This well-roundedness in life experiences and diverse environments translates over into my cinematography where art and science coalesce.
From my early days filming music videos in New York City, I have intently followed a path toward narrative storytelling and cinematic commercials. This is where I thrive the most, by creating images that support the story and characters through framing, lighting, and subtext.
Always collaborating with the filmmaking team of producers, directors, production designers, actors, and clients, I live for the creative process in both technical research and preparedness, as well as poetic on-set in the moment instincts.
- work from music video: SANNHET - "Fernbeds"